uTrackMe GPS tracker app your free phone tracker for family, kids and business

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Turn your cell phone into GPS tracker and track your kids, your family, vehicles, field staff or company fleet!.

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Gps tracking app

uTrackme GPS App your free mobile tracker app

uTrackme GPS App (xGpstracker) is a phone tracker app to:

  • Locate and track your beloved ones, your friends, your kids, your car, your employees, their location history and more.
  • Know if your kids are at school, your employees or drivers are in their assigned areas etc.
  • Locate your stolen or lost phone.
  • Locate your car.
  • Save your car parking location to easily find it later, you can use this feature for any other objects.
  • Find routes between 2 locations or addresses.
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Mobile application

Use this app to track and know the location of your relatives, children and even your friends. Save the location of your parked vehicle to find it easily later. Find and draw routes between two locations or addresses.

You can even use this app for fleet management to: automate the collection of km. facilitate vehicle maintenance. precise knowledge of working hours. generate detailed reports on the tracked vehicle (s).

Our application is there to help you locate and track your vehicles, your relatives, your children and any other object in real time.

view and save the history of their positions, receive or send alerts, messages, and many other features.

You need two GPS devices one for you and one for the tracked object, you can at any time locate the tracked object, be notified if the tracked object enters or leaves a predefined area.

view and save the history of their locations, receive or send alerts, messages, and more, download xGpstracker now from Google Play.


An ennovating tracking system

xGpstracker is a GPS tracking system, it is designed to track and locate your loved ones, find your vehicle in case of theft, and several other options await you

Simple to use

You need two GPS devices one for you and one for the tracked one, you can locate at any time the tracked user, be notified if the tracked user enters or leaves a predefined zone

AI Surveillance

The system learns and decides if the tracked device is following the usual path.

Alert zones

Limit the tracked user to a specific area, the system will alert you if the user enters or leaves this area

Locate or track multiple users

Locate and track multiple users at the same time, view address information, speed, and battery level of tracked users


View location history of tracked users

Detailed reports

Generate detailed reports about the tracked users


Live chat

Exchange of messages between members of the same group