Keep your children and family safe

Save your parking location

Keep an eye on your vehicles and drivers

How it works

To start using this family app to track location you should:

  • Register to the app using Email and password or use your Facebook or Google account.
  • You have to accept permissions that the App asks, so that both you and the users of the same group can locate and see each other on the map
  • Disable the App Optimization mode on Android for the uTrackMe app. This needs to be done to allow uTrackMe App to function correctly and update location regularly.

Main screen

Once the permissions are allowed, and launching this family app, this screen is displayed, to start using this free mobile tracker app to track location you should create or join a group to be able to track location of other users.

To create a new group tap tracking as shown in the picture, then enter the name and description of the group, then tap create button, a code is generated, note this code and share it with users you want to track location and monitor as shown in the picture below.

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You must enter the name and description of the group and then tap on the create button, a code is displayed, note this code and share it with users you want to track.

Share this code only with users that you want to track and locate.

You can remove users from your group from the Manage menu.

Track others on the map

After group creation and code sharing, you can track and monitor the locations of users who have joined your group by taping on Track on Map, note that the users you want to track must enter the unique code of your group to join.
Users in the same group can track, locate or view the history of other users in the same group.

Manage groups and settings

When you tap Manage, this screen is displayed, here you can retrieve the code of a group or change its information.
to remove a member from your groups tap on Manage users, then choose the group, a list of users appears, select the desired users then tap on delete button.

To restrict a user in a specific area such as school, select Manage users, then the desired user, then enter the necessary information.

Create Restricted Areas (Geofences)

To limit a user to a specific field enter the dates and times of validity of this limitation.
use this feature to find out if your children are at school for example in study periods, or limit your machine drivers in work areas.
There are other utilities you can discover.
You can always delete or edit an existing area