Keep your children and family safe

Save your parking location

Keep an eye on your vehicles and drivers

The Gps phone tracker app will help you keep your kids and family safe

You just need to install it on both your phone and your family phones.

Gps tracking app

Simple to use

You need two GPS devices one for you and one for the tracked one, you can locate at any time the tracked user, be notified if the tracked user enters or leaves a predefined zone.

Gps tracking app
Gps tracking app

Alert zones

Limit the tracked user to a specific area, the system will alert you if the user enters or leaves this area.

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Locate or track multiple users

Locate and track multiple users at the same time, view address information, speed, and battery level of tracked users.

Locate multiple users
Location history


View location history of tracked users.

Detailed reports

Generate detailed reports about the tracked users.

Detailed reports
Live chat

Live chat

Exchange of messages between members of the same group.