uTrackMe Free Child Tracking App: Features & Benefits

Updated on: 14-07-2024

uTrackMe Free Child Tracking App: Features & Benefits

uTrackMe Free Child Tracking App: Features & Benefits

With the advances in technology have come to a new level especially in the last ten to fifteen years back. Indeed, even only 10 years ago, parents had to believe what their kids say. Today, advanced technologies can help parents keep an eye on their kids, without all

the pressure and hassling.

While a GPS tracking app to track and monitor your child won't sing them a song when parents are late, nor asks them to put a hat when it's cold outside. But with the variety of features that uTrackMe GPS Tracker app offers, you won't ask yourself how to find my kids, because you will always be informed of your child's location at any time using this best family locator app, hence protect them from any unexpected situation.

This family app or let's say tracking app is not just for accurate and GPS tracking and monitoring, there are various options and features that you can use and discover for your own benefits, this is one of the best family tracking apps in the market, why? because it has most of the features other

family tracking apps offer for free.

How does the uTrackMe GPS Tracker App Works?


uTrackMe GPS Tracker App is a free child tracking app for Android that finds a kid's location or position by triangulating the cell phone's location every few minutes within a few feet (meters). This is achieved using a GPS sensor (which is built into a smartphone) and internet communication systems - WiFi and mobile internet and of course his is not the only function of this child tracking app, it offers also:

  •    Generating reports of history of child's location.
  •    Informing parents if their child enters or leaves a designated area by alerting parent's phone.
  •    Recording sound around a child’s phone (still in development).
  •    Monitors the child’s phone battery and speed.

What are the benefits of uTrackMe GPS Tracking App?


The key features of uTrackMe GPS tracker app to track location of your family that advantages it over its competitors are:

  • A free tracking app with minimum ads.
  • Accurate and fast tracking and pinpointing of kid's location.
  • An easy and intuitive interface to facilitate the app navigation for anyone.
  • The capability to add any user or loved ones to private groups that you control.

How to use uTrackMe GPS tracker app?


Using this free family locator app is extremely easy. You just need two smartphones one for you and another for your family member or anyone else.

 - Android smartphone. This is the must-have device for parents, most smartphones are affordable nowadays, even internet access.

 - Another Android smartphone. Your kid or anyone else that you want to keep an eye on must have the second device such as smartphone or

   GPS smartwatch (smartwatch app is under development).

Whenever you are ready, download uTrackMe GPS tracker app from Google play store and install it on your phone and your kid's phone, create a private group,

share the code or enters it on your kid's phone and voila, you are set to go, enjoy.

How easy to use, easy to discover

Easy steps to start using uTrackme the best family app to track location of your loved ones:

 - Install uTrackme GPS tracker app from Google play store on both smartphones.

 - Login or register a new account.

 - Create a private group to get a special code and share it with your kids or anyone else.

 - If you intend to use this app to watch your kids you need to log in or create an account for your kid on the other device.

 - The other user must enter the unique code that identifies your private group into their phone.


 Now you can monitor and track location of your kids or your beloved ones directly on the map, you can also set up areas such as school or home and assign your

 kid or family member to this area and get notified when he or she enters or leaves that area.

 In addition, there are other functions that you can discover and use it to your benefits.

 Parents need to know where their child for various reasons, from curiosity to intense concerns for their security. uTrackMe GPS tracker app to track location

 of children does exactly that, it finds and locate your kids on the map using phone's GPS.

Take action now and download this free tracking app for kids and be vigilant with your kid's safety, it's free.